Topless Kim Kardashian Gets a Tongue-Lashing From Piers Morgan (Photo)

“Oh put them away, for goodness sake,” British media personality says of reality TV star’s clothing-deficient pose

kim kardashian
Getty Images

Piers Morgan is clearly keeping abreast of Kim Kardashian’s Twitter activity — and he’s just as clearly not impressed with what he’s seeing.

British media personality Morgan lashed out at reality TV star Kardashian on Monday, after she posted a photo of herself sans top on the social media platform.

Morgan was unambiguous in his feelings about the photo.

“Oh put them away, for goodness sake,” Morgan groused of the picture.

For emphasis, he included an emoji of a monkey covering its eyes.

It’s an argument that Morgan has made in the past. Last year, after Kardashian doffed her top along with her friend, model/actress Emily Ratajkowski for a photo of the pair flipping the bird, Morgan weighed in with his disapproval.

“Just a thought @KimKardashian @emrata – but you could always try wearing a little dignity?” Morgan tweeted at the time.

The pundit added, “RIP Feminism.”

Morgan wasn’t the only one to take issue with Kardashian’s clothing-averse photo on Monday — one commenter chose to take the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star’s braided coiffure in the photo, rather than her state of undress.

“You should have blurred out your hair instead,” the responder assessed, referring to both Kardashian’s locks and her partially obscured breasts.