Trevor Noah Finds Silver Lining for Trump After Articles of Impeachment (Video)

Then “The Daily Show” host trolls the presidential ego

Trevor Noah Trump Impeachment Daily Show

Donald Trump may or may not be worried now that the House of Representatives has issued two articles of impeachment against him. But on Tuesday’s “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah managed to find a silver lining that might make POTUS feel better — as long as he doesn’t think about it too closely.

Noah noted that earlier Tuesday, House Democrats unveiled just two articles of impeachment — abuse of power and obstruction of congress — which he said showed a lot of restraint considering what they were working with. “Let’s be honest, Trump has done enough crazy s— to merit 2000 articles of impeachment,” Noah said. Among the craziest, Noah listed “obstruction of justice from the Mueller report, using the presidency to enrich his businesses, the porn star payoffs, flag molestation, the time he looked directly into an eclipse, and of course, having Don Jr.”

“I mean, that’s impeachment on its own,” Noah joked about Trump’s oldest son.

Yes, Noah noted, the fact that there are only two articles is indeed good news for Trump, unless he’s comparing himself to previous presidents. “In a way, that’s also kind of sad for him. Because Nixon had three articles brought against him. Bill Clinton had four. And Andrew Johnson had 11, which means Trump will have the smallest impeachment of all time,” Noah said.

“You know that’s gonna make him insecure,” Noah continued. “He’s gonna be like ‘It’s not about the size of impeachment, it’s about the friction of the conviction.’” Zing!

Watch the clip below: