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Trevor Noah Sinks His Teeth Into Sarah Sanders’ Restaurant Rejection (Video)

”Tolerance got grabbed by the p—y, didn’t you hear?“ ”Daily Show“ host says of TV pundits’ calls for civility

Sarah Sanders provided Trevor Noah with some food for thought on Tuesday night, as “The Daily Show” host Noah chewed on the calls for civility in the wake of White House press secretary Sarah Sanders being refused service at a Virginia restaurant because she works for the Trump administration.

Noah’s main bone of contention was the calls for civility in the wake of news that Sanders was turned away from the Red Hen restaurant.

As Noah saw it, news pundits’ calls for civility held little water, given the uncivil tone that has marked the Trump era.

“‘Whatever happened to tolerance?'” Noah mockingly echoed one pundit’s plea. “Tolerance got grabbed by the p—y, didn’t you hear? Yeah. That’s what happened to tolerance. Trump called her an animal, locked her up and put her kids in a cage, that’s what happened to tolerance.”

Noah continued, “Like, these people have more amnesia than the characters in a Lifetime movie — ‘What happened to tolerance?!!?'”

The late-night host also rebuffed the argument that government officials shouldn’t be criticized during their personal time.

“It’s funny how these people are saying administration officials shouldn’t be protested during their off-hours, as if the administration’s policies only work from nine to five. It’s not like when the White House staff goes home every night, all of a sudden everyone in America is like, ‘Whoo-hoo, I have health care back until 9 a.m. tomorrow! Yeah! I’ve only got health care for the evening; does anyone know a good night dentist?”

Watch the clip below.