Joe Scarborough Claps Back at Trump for Calling Him ‘Morning Psycho’: ‘He Just Can’t Quit Us’

MSNBC host laughs after the president says Scarborough “helped get me elected in 2016”

Joe Scarborough

Joe Scarborough got a good laugh on Tuesday after President Trump slammed the “Morning Joe” host on Twitter and dubbed him “morning psycho.”

“He just can’t quit us,” Scarborough said with a grin, echoing the standout line from “Brokeback Mountain.”

Trump, earlier in the morning, tweeted Scarborough “helped get me elected in 2016,” but his show has become too “angry, dumb and sick.” The president continued, writing, “Morning Joe,” which Scarborough hosts with his wife, Mika Brzezinski, is “a really bad show with low ratings — and will only get worse.” (The president might want to check the ratings again — “Morning Joe” is getting its best-ever ratings after a 10% year-over-year increase in first quarter viewers.)

When Scarborough first brought up the president’s tweets on Tuesday’s show, Brzezinski interjected, saying “tell him to stop watching. This is a sickness.” Scarborough then chuckled at the idea his show can help get people elected.

“If we could get people elected, well, you know, Mitt Romney would be president, and before that it would’ve been Jon Huntsman, and before that John McCain,” Scarborough said. “But Jeb Bush would be sitting in the White House right now instead of me still defending him all these years later.”

You can check out Scarborough and the rest of the crew’s response to Trump’s tweets here.

Trump’s morning rant against Scarborough came after he tweeted  in the “old days” a president was “basically immune” from criticism as long as the economy was doing well. Trump then championed “Fox and Friends” as the “best of the morning political shows.”