VIDEO: Michael Moore Makes Good on Bet with Sean Hannity

What does the liberal filmmaker do to make good on his agreement with the Fox News host? Check out the clip.

File this one under, "Anything to promote a movie."

Liberal icon Michael Moore is obviously no fan of Sean Hannity’s political point of view. But he’s got a film ("Capitalism: A Love Story") to hype, so tonight, Mr. Left Wing sat down for an interview with Fox News’ right-leaning Hannity.

One of the highlights of the conversation came near the start of the interview, when Hannity reminded Moore of a bet the two men made seven years ago. Moore, it seems, predicted then-President Bush would either be impeached or be forced to resign.

While Bush left office highly unpopular (even among many in the GOP), his term in office expired due to natural causes. And thus, Moore lost his bet.

The filmmaker made good on his bet tonight– well, sort of. Check out a clip below: