Watch Us Sample ‘Game of Thrones’ Wine – and Act Like Westeros Rulers (Video)

TheWrap’s Phil Owen and Ross Lincoln taste Vintage Wine Estates’ Red Blend and Chardonnay and definitely bend the knee

Last Updated: February 9, 2018 @ 4:12 PM

Want to get soused in a sophisticated, yet tinged with terrifying uncertainty kind of way? Try the new selection from winemaker Bob Cabral, Vintage Wine Estates’ “Seven Kingdoms Wines”-labeled “Game of Thrones” varietals.

The varietals attempt evoke what we think the elite of Westeros are drinking whenever they’ve plotting one another’s murders. Or more accurately, a much better version (since medieval winemaking techniques were not up to today’s excellent standards).

Do “Game of Thrones” wines succeed? TheWrap’s Phil Owen and Ross Lincoln decided to find out with a fancy wine tasting. Spoiler alert: They’re great.

On the menu, the Red Blend and Chardonnay. We found both pair perfectly with invading Westeros alongside a fleet filled with Dothraki hordes. Also, we learned that wine does indeed dull the senses. See for yourself in the video above.