Cookie Monster Helps ‘Westworld’ Residents Dolores and Bernard Understand Each Other – Using Cookies (Video)

Visitor from “SesameWorld” comes to town to solve the Hosts vs. humans problem

While Elmo is busy fixing the problems in Westeros, his friend Cookie Monster is tackling the Hosts vs. humans dilemma over in Westworld.

In HBO’s adorable new crossover video between “Sesame Street” and “Westworld,” directed by the sci-fi series’ co-creator Lisa Joy, the blue Muppet obsessed with sweet “delights” interrupts an intense discussion between Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) to try and help bring peace between the two. And he does so using cookies — obviously.

Cookie Monster came all the way from Sesame Street, er — “SesameWorld” looking for cookies and he got lost in the “maze” (of course) and found Dolores and Bernard, who aren’t seeing eye-to-eye.

“We’ll never agree, we’re too different,” the leader of the Host rebellion says.

“You two should respect each other and work together,” Cookie Monster explains, as he sets a table in front of Bernard — an advocate for the humans — and Dolores. “Respect important for everybody: people, monsters, even you, robot lady. Yeah, you see, respect a lot like cookie. Let me show you.”

He then explains giving and receiving respect, by breaking apart a cookie and giving one piece to Bernard and keeping the other half for himself. Ah, they get it now!

Cookie Monster also manages to slip in a killer “freeze all motor functions” joke.

Well, these lovely delights certainly had lovely ends, didn’t they?

Watch the video above.