‘What’s Gaby Cooking…in Quarantine’ Host Gaby Dalkin Shares Her Favorite Quick and Easy Recipes

WrapWomen LA Blog: Chef Gaby Dalkin on finding fun ways to use up hidden items in your pantry and refrigerator

Gaby Dalkin
Gaby Dalkin (Courtesy of Dear Media)

The best part about quarantining with my family is my mom’s homecooked meals. The downside? Her favorite pastime is using ingredients as a way to remind me how single I am. “The only date you’re getting is in the fruit drawer. Why did he go bacon your heart? Let me set you up, what’s the fig idea?” Gosh, mom, I just want to find a man who looks at me the same way I look at chef Gaby Dalkin’s Puff Pastry Apple Galette.

Whether you’re single AF (like me) or happily coupled up, food is a great way to bring people together — just ask Gaby Dalkin! The host of “What’s Gaby Cooking…in Quarantine” says she is most excited to release an upcoming episode with her mom. Dalkin also revealed to WrapWomen her favorite new recipes and must-have items she keeps in her refrigerator during quarantine.

How important is nutrition during quarantine?

It’s important to have balance but it’s also important to indulge, especially when your body needs a cookie!

What are some key things to have in your refrigerator during quarantine?

For me, it’s all about citrus, cheese, salsa, avocados, pasta sauces and a few kinds of protein.

Any simple, go-to snack ideas for kids?

I live for hummus, as does almost every child I have ever met! Also, vegetables and crackers for dipping into that said hummus! Plus, cheese!

Do you have an easy recipe you can share with us? 

Gaby Dalkin
“What’s Gaby Cooking…in Quarantine”

Hundreds — but my Snap Pea Paste recipe went live recently and I’m very much obsessed.

What advice do you give to beginner cooks? 

Pick one skill and one recipe and master it. Then move onto another skill and another recipe and master that! You’ll quickly build up an arsenal of recipes and skills and eventually become fearless in the kitchen!

Before starting “What’s Gaby Cooking…in Quarantine,” what made you realize, “I need to do this!!”

The amount of questions that I get asked on a daily basis about substitutions, kitchen skills and hacks. It’s the perfect place to answer everyone’s questions that were coming via IG DMs so everyone gets the answers.

Do you have a favorite episode?

My favorite episode is coming next week, when we are interviewing my mom about food shaming and how to have a level head about food. We’re talking about canceling out the noise in the food world.

“What’s Gaby Cooking…in Quarantine” is available wherever you get your podcasts including Apple Podcasts and the Dear Media website.   

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