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White House Spokesman Blasts ‘Out of Touch’ Grammys for Hillary Clinton Cameo

Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah works in a Nancy Pelosi reference in his rebuttal

The White House wasn’t happy about Hillary Clinton’s appearance at the Grammys on Sunday. On Monday morning, White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah went on “Fox & Friends” to blast the appearance.

“When I see Hillary Clinton and other liberal politicians join forces with celebrities or try to show America how in touch they are, I don’t take it all that seriously,” Shah said.

“The left and the elite centers of America are frankly out of touch with what’s going on in this country and all the great work that this president is doing. And I wouldn’t take a whole lot of what you see on a Sunday night Grammy appearance by celebrities attacking the president all that seriously,” he added.

Shah also managed to criticize Nancy Pelosi’s comments that called for tax refunds for ordinary Americans “crumbs.”

“This is kind of a version of Nancy Pelosi saying, you know, one, two, $3,000 bonuses for workers really is just chump change,” he said.

Clinton surprised viewers when she made a cameo at the Grammys, reading an excerpt from the Michael Wolff book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.”

While Trump is aware of Clinton’s appearance, he has — so far — refrained from slamming his 2016 rival publicly. In addition to Shah, Donald Trump Jr. weighed in on Twitter, blasting Clinton in a pair of tweets, saying the moment reminded ordinary people why they should be thankful for having his dad in the White House.