Why Megyn Kelly Stopping by CNN Grill Isn’t a Big Deal

Fox News hosts Dana Perino, Greta Van Susteren and Kennedy have also visited the rival network’s event during the Democratic Convention

Megyn Kelly at CNN Grill
Megyn Kelly

Media hounds went wild when Fox News Host Megyn Kelly was spotted at a CNN event in Philadelphia Wednesday night shortly after a New York Times story accused her Democratic Convention co-hosts of refusing to speak with “The Kelly File” host off camera.

A well-placed source with knowledge of Fox News’ on-set workings said there is no tension between the anchors. According to the person with knowledge of the situation, Kelly and her on-air colleagues are extremely busy during the live broadcast and often need to attend to their phone and devices during commercial breaks, which is par for the course when anchoring a major event. The insider tells us that there have been private talks and time spent off air between all of them. Co-anchor Bret Baier even sent a tweet that shows him laughing with Kelly.

Kelly recently told investigators that former Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes sexually harassed her, while being questioned during the internal investigation that resulted in Ailes’ exit from the network. Brit Hume has denied that he has any issue with Kelly coming forward.

Dana Perino, Greta Van Susteren, Kennedy and other Fox news staffers have also stopped by the CNN Grill, which is not a “party,” as media outlets have called it, but rather a place that CNN set up for VIPs and invited guests to eat and drink while the network broadcasts from the Grill itself.

Kelly tweeted that her friend, CNN anchor Don Lemon, “dared” some Fox News staffers to stop by the Grill and she was “up to the task.” Kelly’s contract expires in 2017 and whether or not she stays at Fox News will be a hot topic in coming months, but stopping by an event thrown by a rival network shouldn’t be seen as any indication of her future.

From a logistical standpoint, it makes sense that talent from other networks would visit the CNN Grill. The area surrounding the Wells Fargo Center is a sea of parking lots, train stations and security checkpoints. Leaving the convention to grab a quick meal or drink is basically impossible, unless you have access to the invite-only CNN Grill.

It’s safe to assume fans, reporters and anti-Fox News Democrats would mob Kelly if she attempted to pick up a cheesesteak from one of the food trucks parked outside the convention. The only way to eat in peace following the convention for someone as high profile as Kelly is the CNN Grill, our insider agrees.

Perhaps Rupert Murdoch will create a Fox News themed-restaurant by the 2020 convention if he has an issue with his talent stopping by the CNN version.