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Woody Allen’s Not Dead, But Twitter Seems to Wish He Was

Social media users collectively mourn director’s continued existence after remarks about Soon-Yi Previn

You know those celebrity death hoaxes that periodically pop up on Twitter? Woody Allen experienced kind of the opposite of that on Wednesday: Twitter users acknowledged Allen’s continued existence, but wished they didn’t have to.

On Wednesday, as Allen began to trend on social media, the Twitterati’s interest was collectively piqued. But mass disappointment quickly ensued, as users realized that the trend wasn’t sparked by the director’s death.

“Ugh woody allen‘s trending but he’s not dead, what happened to you 2016,” asked one detractor, referencing the Grim Reaper’s prolific run on celebrities since the beginning of the year.

“When will woody allen die,” another asked, apparently too grief-stricken by Allen’s lack of dying to hit the shift button on her keyboard.

“Really unfortunate that woody allen is trending and it isnt because hes dead,” another post offered, continuing the theme.

“I was so excited to see woody allen trending but it turns out he’s not dead so morning ruined,” another unsatisfied customer revealed.

“Rsvp here to the absolute rager i’m throwing when woody allen dies and goes to hell,” another offered.

As it turns out, Allen was trending because of an interview in which he discussed his controversial relationship with wife Soon-Yi Previn. Which drew its own set of reactions.

“The flames that rise in front of my eyes reading this Q&A with Woody Allen…” wrote New Yorker TV critic Emily Nussbaum.

Woody Allen should probably not do interviews. Yikes,” suggested another detractor.

“Everything about the way Woody Allen talks about Soon-Yi is tremendously creepy,” HuffPost Women editor Emma Gray wrote.


Geez, what does a filmmaker have to do to get respect on Twitter, die? Oh, right…

Read the tweets below.