Bill Maher on Piers Morgan: Women Will Save Obamacare (Video)

Maher says this government program is for the ladies

Obamacare is off to a rocky start, but Bill Maher gave Piers Morgan one reason it isn't going anywhere: Women.

“The reason why it's going to work is women. Yes, young men do not want to sign up because they think they're invincible. Women get it, because women are a little bit more complicated,” Maher said on “Piers Morgan Live” Tuesday. “They want contraception, they want breast exams. They're a little smarter about that. They don't think they're invincible.”

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The Obama administration's Affordable Care Act has been under fire since it's inception, and opponents aren't letting up.

Maher says Republicans have provided factually incorrect talking points, and that outlets like Fox News repeat them daily. That damages public discourse, he says.

“When we didn't used to have these kinds of places where you could retreat to your ghettoization of thinking, public discourse was the better for it, because you had to hear a conflicting idea,” Maher said. “Now you don't, and that's true on the left, too.”

“The difference between Fox and MSNBC is you could fact check what they say on MSNBC and they are very rarely wrong,” Maher continued. “Fact check what they say on Fox, you will find almost every night Bill O'Reilly says something that is insanely off-base and not true.”

Maher added that this ideology-based approach to news is making it harder for competitors, like CNN, who are trying to take the middle ground.

“CNN suffers from that to a degree,” Maher said. “Because it tries to play it down the middle and people generally want to hear what they already believe in.”

Maher also shared some thoughts on Jay Leno.

Watch the video:

  • DCGirl

    I'm a lady…do NOT count me in. This is communistic and I am totally against it.

    • WilliamJ12

      Yes, those evil commies really want to ruin democracy by giving you affordable healthcare and improve the quality of your life.

      • colcam

        Affordable healthcare and improved quality of life?

        What relationship does that have to Obamacare?

      • racerx

        People in Sweden and France have health insurance provided by the government, but they also pay close to 65% of their income in taxes. That is the equivalent of working 8 months out of 12 for the government. Careful what you wish for William J……

  • Stuart W

    Do women really subscribe to a misogynist like Bill Maher whose verbal choice a vulgar 4-letter word to describe a member of the opposite sex?

    • MarkJeffries

      Example, please, wingnut teabagger moron. And what is your opinion of any woman who isn't Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann or the blonde ditzes on Fixed Noise?

      • Stuart W

        Hey Markie J,

        I was talking to women. Thanks for helping us identify you as the brain impaired, single-agenda male liberal twit, which populace you so ably represent! And hey; tomorrow you can go-out trick or treating gratefully minus the fright-wig. Happy trails!

  • Simone

    I want it. I need it. I signed up. I feel better knowing I have insurance coverage in case I need it. Live and Let Live. Calm down all the hate speak. Give it a chance.

  • Jan

    Note to TheWrap:the last video link (on Leno?) isn't working.

  • What Does The Fox Say

    I'm a woman…. Maher is disgusting, lying and despicable. Gross… My healthcare just DOUBLED under Obama's UnAffordable Healthcare. Too bad our freedom has been comprised and so many are being sucked into line to march like Obama's little minions… SICK, I say, SICK! Quite reminiscent of the Nationalism of “that which we should never forget.”

  • filmexec

    BM uses women, he doesn't respect them!

  • racerx

    A discussion with Bill Maher is like playing chess with a pidgeon. First the pidgeon knocks down all the pieces, then he shits on the board, then he walks around like he won something.