‘Duck Dynasty's’ Phil Robertson Says at Church He's a Lover, Not a Hater

'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson Says at Church He's a Lover, Not a Hater

“Duck Dynasty” patriarch suspended for anti-gay comments

Suspended “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson said at a Bible study class at his church over the weekend that he won't back down from his anti-gay views, but that he is a lover, not a hater.

Robertson allowed a Daily Mail reporter to attend the class, and the paper quoted him saying,”I will not give or back off from my path.” He said he was quoting from the Bible and that Jesus could save gay people.

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“I love all men and women. I am a lover of humanity, not a hater,” he added, according to the paper.

A woman who attended the class confirmed the general content of Robertson's talk to TheWrap, without confirming the direct quotes. She asked that he name not be used.

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“He is always like that,” she said. “That's not a new message.”

Mike Kellett, senior pastor of the West Monroe, La., church, White's Ferry Road Church of Christ, said he did not attend the class but also confirmed the message.

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“I know what the general idea of that class is, to tell people about the Gospel and about treating people right,” he said.
Kellett also told TheWrap Monday that people “that struggle with that sin” — homosexuality — have attended his church, and that his message to them is, “”We love you, we're glad you're here.”
A&E, which suspended Robertson last week after he made anti-gay comments in an interview with GQ, did not respond to a request for comment on whether it signed off on Robertson's decision to welcome a reporter to the Bible study class.
  • arthur p kaske

    Glaad people love to hate, they express their hatred every minute of every day as they suffer from HETEROPHOBIA, a hatred of their own heterosexuality, and yours.

    • Max

      Are you stupid? He just said that he didn't hate people. Read the Bible.

      • Mike Conner

        if you inspire others to hate and kill , whats the difference

  • Mike Conner

    Whatever the purpose Robertson said those things for .just Look at the hate people are showing , And we are talking about white conservative Christians .It like you kicked a hornets nest and they have just been waiting to let loose that hatred built up inside of them . I mean be honest with yourself ,read the post of people who say they support him .

    • Brian Lebanion

      What if you are a black conservative Christian?

      • Mike Conner

        You wish you were black LOL little man

  • howard


  • stan

    I don't get cable but am now interested in getting it for this show alone.
    It is unconscionable that this man was suspended because of his heterosexual preferences. Everybody I know will be receiving Duck Dynasty paraphernalia this Christmas!!!
    Keep up the good fight boys!!!

  • john

    Robertson sure brought up a lot of hate. I hope he's happy with what he's done.

    • Mike Conner

      I don;t think he hates , But i also think he didn't know how much hate others have built up inside and looking for a release .This is what whips fanatics into a mob and they hurt someone .

  • EM

    Why does the wrap say “anti gay” would it not be more correct to just say Gay views? Wouldn't that make the wrap anti gay? I do not see anything anti gay in the quote.I see it as Pro Hetero Sexual Is there anything wrong with that?