Pat Summerall, Veteran NFL Broadcaster, Dead at 82

Pat Summerall, a well-known NFL voice for a generation of TV viewers and John Madden's broadcasting partner for two decades, has died.

He was 82, accoding to a Dallas Morning News web site, which first reported his death.

Summerall worked a record 16 Super Bowls on network television, employing a signature staccato style that was brief and to the point. He worked for CBS from 1961 to 1993, then moved with the NFL from CBS to Fox in 1994. He retired after the 2002 season.

Summerall worked his final Super Bowl in February 2002. It was his eighth alongside analyst Madden. They worked together at CBS and Fox for 21 seasons. Their work at Super Bowl XVI in 1982 remains the highest-rated sports program of all-time, with more than 49 percent of the nation tuned in.

Summerall was a regular-season Sunday staple in most Dallas-Fort Worth homes during the 1990s. He and Madden were regularly assigned to the NFL's No. 1 television attraction, the Cowboys. Not a bad deal for Summerall, who lived barely 20 minutes away from Texas Stadium in Southlake, with his second wife, Cheri.