Abrams to Launch SportsGrid in April

Fourth site in fledgling Mediaite portfolio

Dan Abrams promised three new launches to add to his fledgling Mediaite portfolio in 2010. And so far he’s delivering.

As the former MSNBC head announced late last year, SportsGrid – somewhat of a spinoff of Mediaite’s PowerGrid rankings – is on schedule to launch in late April.

Abrams provided some more details to the Sports Business Journal:

“We’re really doubling down on our rankings element for SportsGrid, and this will provide an effective, fun way to see how somebody in one part of the sports world such as an owner or an executive stacks up against, say, a linebacker … We’ll have that master buzz ranking and also smaller ones within specific sports and segments. And we’ll be able to see movement up and down the rankings pretty close to real time as events and games happen.”

There will be some original content, but it’s mainly a showcase for the complex algorithm:

Sports personalities will be ranked by a variety of metrics that include on-the-field performance (numbers courtesy of RotoWire), and off-the-field buzz, and will include a Hype Meter to indicate whether the buzz surrounding an athlete is deserved – a way to quantify whether an athlete is underrated or overrated.

SportsGrid joins Mediaite and recently-launched sister sites Stylite and Geekosystem. (Abrams also holds a stake in GossipCop.com.)

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