Adam McKay to Produce Imax Documentary ‘Stormbound’

The film will be directed by Miko Lim

Imax and Adam McKay
Adam McKay (Credit: Getty Images)

Adam McKay will produce the Imax documentary “Stormbound” chronicling the life of storm chaser Jeff Gammons. The film will be directed by Miko Lim and is a collaboration between Imax and Hyperobjects Industries.

“Next to firefighters, there may be no more frontline view of our changing climate than storm chasers. It’s a terrifying and beautiful pursuit that will be stunning in the IMAX format,” said Adam McKay in a statement.

The film looks at the world of storm chasing during a peak storm season in the United States. It features unseen footage from Hurricanes Charley, Florence, Ian, Irma and Katrina to “showcase nature’s raw power with an inspiring true story of hope and survival.”

“This film will transport audiences to the eye of the storm; the sheer power and beauty of nature has never been seen like this before,” said John Turner, Head of Documentaries for IMAX. “We’re excited to announce this new documentary with Hyperobject Industries. ‘Stormbound’ is what a documentary blockbuster should be about: incredible storytelling matched with IMAX’s unparalleled immersive experience.”

It’s definitely an interesting time to be focused on hurricanes and/or natural disasters. This year will also see the release of another film focused on natural disasters, that being “Twisters” at Universal. That feature, a remake of the 1996 film, also follows stormchasers, albeit those who look at tornadoes rather than hurricanes.

The film also continues McKay’s interest in the climate. Back in December it was announced that McKay will tackle climate change with his next project. He turned his focus back to climate change after pivoting away from his screenplay for “Average Height, Average Build” for Netflix. That film was to star Robert Pattinson and Amy Adams as a serial killer and lobbyist who seek to change laws that the killer hopes will allow him to murder more easily, with Robert Downey Jr. playing the retired cop who has pursued the killer for years.

Alongside McKay, “Stormbound” will be produced by Todd Schulman, Trevor Jones and IMAX’s John Turner while Hyperobject Industries’ Stephanie Mercado will Executive Produce. Imax is financing the film. WME and JSSK brokered the deal.

“Stormbound” is slated for release across Imax theaters in 2025.


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