AI and the Law: It’s the ‘Wild, Wild West’ Out There

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Can a partially computer-generated script be copyrighted? Can an artist sue when their work gets “scraped” by AI? And who exactly would they sue? These and many other modern problems are still being ironed out in the courts

AI and copyright
Copyright is a thorny issue in artificial intelligence, and new lawsuits are emerging all the time.

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Did you happen to catch “Heart on My Sleeve” when it went viral in April? It was a catchy little duet, only about two minutes long, between two pop superstars, Drake and the Weeknd, and it quickly racked up 15 million streams on TikTok and another 600,000 on Spotify. 

Only problem was, Drake was fake, and so was the Weeknd. 

The song, which sounded real enough to fool millions of listeners, was an artificial tune created with AI by an anonymous poster calling him- or herself Ghostwriter977.