For Voice Actors, the Race Against AI Has Already Begun

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Dubbing by machine for foreign-language entertainment is here; producers are fighting to build a new normal that doesn’t leave actors behind

AI voice actors
(TheWrap/Chris Smith)

Last year, Hulu won the rights to “Vanda,” a Portuguese crime drama series distributed by Legendary. Hulu viewers in the U.S. will automatically hear the English dub play over a cast led by Gabriela Barros, who plays a hairstylist who turns to robbing banks after the 2008 recession.

But after the main credits roll, the usual voice dubbing credits show a text card that reveals it was done not by human voice actors, but by the company Deepdub AI.

Artificial intelligence has taken root in the recording booth — and there’s no going back. The technology is already taking jobs away from voice actors in the U.S.,


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