Kim Kardashian ‘AHS’ Debut Called Everything From Oscar-Worthy to ‘So Annoying’ by Divided Fans

The super-celebrity’s appearance on the FX anthology inspires wild praise and intense criticism

Kim Kardashian in American Horror Story: Delicate
Kim Kardashian as Siobhan Corbyn in American Horror Story: Delicate (Photo Credit: Eric Liebowitz/FX)

Fans can’t seem to agree on Kim Kardashian‘s debut in “American Horror Story.” Following Wednesday night’s debut of “Delicate,” the super-celebrity was described as everything from “super annoying” to worthy of an Oscar.

The reactions have been as divisive as they are for Kardashian herself. In “Delicate,” Kardashian plays a vulgar, fabulous and no-nonsense publicist named Siobhan. She’s a version of a trope that’s appeared in several seasons of the horror anthology series: a diva who walks the line between cruel and funny.

Those who enjoyed Kardashian’s performance praised the star for “eating this role” and for being “a slay.” One fan said Kardashian was “perfect for this role” even though they noted that she “kind of played herself.” One fan video even claimed Kardashian “might be the best actor of our generation” and should get an Oscar for her role. The scene in question shows Siobhan comforting Anna (Emma Roberts) about her IBF treatments and concerns.

True to the divided response to this performance, that video was posted on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, with the text “Kim Kardashian fans are wild for this.”

This praise is far from universal. Many other fans criticized the celebrity, posting that Kardashian “can not act” and that her character is “really annoying.” One user compared Kardashian’s acting to Dusty Ray Bottoms, a drag queen who didn’t last long in Season 10 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

“Y’all are LYING trying to say Kim ate,” one user wrote. “Girl is no actress.”

“Soooo Kim K plays Kris,” another user posted along with a series of crying laughing emojis.

Though this is the biggest project Kardashian has acted in, “American Horror Story” isn’t the reality star’s first time acting. In 2013, Kardashian starred as Ava in the Tyler Perry romantic drama “Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor.” She also voiced the character of Delores in “PAW Patrol: The Movie.”

Based on the book “Delicate Condition” by Danielle Valentine, “AHS” Season 12 revolves around an up-and-coming movie star (Roberts) who wants nothing more than to become a mother. But when she finally does become pregnant, she starts to become more paranoid of those around her. The season questions if Anna is losing her mind due to the hormones and stress of her pregnancy or if something larger and more sinister is at play.

New episodes of “American Horror Story: Delicate” premiere on FX on Wednesdays and Hulu on Thursdays.