Apple and Amazon Still Trumpet Streaming Success – Without Subscriber Numbers

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The Q3 streaming arms race pits both tech giants against one another (and other streamers), except that neither disclose their amount of subs

Streaming Bundles

Apple and Amazon’s quarterly financial results are becoming something of a guessing game for Wall Street analysts trying to size up who’s winning the streaming subscription war. Neither tech giant will budge on telling the public exactly how many paying streaming customers they have.

It’s become almost a parody of the old Mad Magazine comic strip “Spy vs. Spy,” pitting two adversaries against the other with enough equal firepower to blow each into smithereens. Amazon dangles that it has 153 million Prime subscribers, but won’t break down how many tap into video (even on average). Apple doesn’t even break out its streaming platform’s financial results, though its music streaming service clocks in at about 100 million subscribers annually.