James Woods Drops $10 Million ‘Cocaine Addict’ Lawsuit Against Deceased Twitter Troll

Actor resolves legal matter that began in 2015

James Woods
Getty Images

James Woods just scored a victory that’s nothing to sniff at.

“Once Upon a Time in America” star Woods has dropped a lawsuit that he filed against an anonymous, since-deceased Twitter troll who called him a “cocaine addict,” after receiving a letter acknowledging that there was no evidence that he was addicted to coke, or anything else for that matter.

Attorney Kenneth White told TheWrap on Wednesday, “The matter was resolved by mutual agreement of the Parties.”

In a letter sent to Woods’ attorney Michael Weinsten, White wrote, “On behalf of m client — the defendant referred to as ‘Abe List’ in the lawsuit filed by James Woods — and my client’s surviving family, I acknowledge that they are not aware of any facts to suggest that Mr. Woods has ever been a cocaine addict or any other drugs.”

The letter continued, “To be clear, my client did not intend for his July 15, 2015 tweet about Mr. Woods to be understood as a statement of fact.”

Woods sued his social=media nemesis — identified only by his Twitter handle, Abe List — in 2015, claiming that List, a regular Twitter tormentor of the actor, went over the line with a tweet characterizing Woods as a “cocaine addict.”

“Woods is not now, nor has he ever been, a cocaine addict, and [Abe List] has no reason to believe otherwise,” the suit reads.

Woods’ suit went on to claim that List’s “malicious behavior, through the worldwide use of the internet, has now jeopardized Woods’ good name and reputation on an international scale.”

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.