Bill Maher Calls GOP’s Biden Impeachment Inquiry a ‘Crucial Step in Pretending to Have a Reason to Impeach’ | Video

“Lauren Boebert asked, ‘What did the president know and what’s it like to know something?'” the “Real Time” host jokes

Bill Maher celebrated Christmas in his monologue on Friday’s episode of “Real Time,” by mocking the impeachment inquiry congressional Republicans opened into Joe Biden this week.

As such, he slammed the inquiry as “a crucial step in pretending to have a reason to impeach.”

But before the monologue ended, Maher also mocked Donald Trump’s latest ploy, declaring the scraps of clothing said to be pieces of the suit he wore in his mug shot “the shroud of Tubby.”

You can watch the whole monologue at the top of the page now.

Friday’s episode of “Real Time” is the final new episode of 2023 — and it’s also the first time Maher has had a season finale this close to Christmas. That’s why the “Real Time” stage was bedecked with holly, lights and other Christmas accoutrements. But midway through the monologue it also gave him an easy way to talk about the impeachment inquiry.

“It’s Christmas at the White House. Biden never knows what to get Ukraine you know? Last year he f—ed up and he just did cash. And Ukraine burst into tears and said, ‘You make me feel like a whore!’” Maher joked.

“I don’t know how you feel about the Bidens, but that is a family that’s made for Christmas,” Maher continued. “Come on. You’ve seen the pictures. Joe wrapping the presents. Jill decorating the tree. Hunter bringing the snow.”

This was how Maher got to the topic of the inquiry, noting that “the house, the Republican House, of course, they have voted to have a ‘formal’ inquiry now into impeaching Joe Biden. They said it’s a crucial step in pretending to have a reason to impeach.”

Maher’s joke was a nod to the fact that even Republicans have admitted the inquiry is cynical and dishonest. They already acknowledge that there has never been any evidence of wrongdoing, and they’ve never demonstrated any connection between Biden and the actions of his troubled son, Hunter. Some Republicans have even admitted the whole purpose of the inquiry is to dig up anything they possibly can to hurt Biden’s reelection chances.

“We all know he has a troubled son, Hunter, we’ve all seen the pictures of his dick. The hookers, the cocaine, I mean, you know it’s not pretty,” Maher continued. “It appears the Republicans’ theory, why they’re impeaching him, [is] that President Biden profited off his crackhead son. Really, that’s their thing. As any parent of an addict will tell you, that’s when the cash really starts rolling in.”

“I thought it was a stretch when they impeached Clinton over a blow job,” Maher added, “but impeaching a guy over your son’s blow jobs?”

Maher then laid into “younger dumber Republicans,” who he said “don’t know the Constitution, they didn’t know anything about impeachment. Lauren Beaufort asked ‘What did the President know and what’s it like to know something?’”

You can watch the whole segment in the video at the top of the page.


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