Bill Maher Yells Over RFK Jr. for Thinking He Won’t Need to Address Anti-Vax Stance in Campaign: ‘Are You Serious!?’ (Video)

“This is all they’re going to ask you about,” the talk-show host warns

Bill Maher and RFK Jr.
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Bill Maher took a deep dive into Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s stance on vaccines in a sit-down interview for the “Club Random with Bill Maher” podcast.

Kennedy’s anti-vaccine stance has become a talking point around his campaign, as Maher tried to warn him by yelling that he would have to discuss his views for voters.

“They’re all going to ask you. This is all they’re going to ask you about. Are you serious?” Maher said after Kennedy said he wouldn’t talk about vaccines in his campaign. “You think they’re your friends who want to help you? They want to go to the most vulnerable point, which is, ‘You’re a kook because you don’t believe in vaccines.’ That’s not me talking.”

Kennedy answered no, and then he specified what about vaccines makes him skeptical. He called for scientists to test them the same way other medicine gets tested — with placebo alternatives to compare to the actual medicine.

“Every medicine is required to do placebo-controlled trials. That’s what science is. You give a group of people — a cohort — the medicine. And then you give a similarly situated cohort of people the placebo, and then you will get health outcomes over a four or five-year period. Because many of the outcomes are going to have long diagnostic horizons along the incubation period so you won’t see them immediately,” Kennedy said. “You need to do it — Anthony Fauci said eight years — for a vaccine. You need to watch them for a while. The only medicine that never gets tested are vaccines, and that is what I object to.”

“All I’m saying is let’s test them the way we test other medicines,” RFK Jr. added.

Maher responded that this argument is not unreasonable.

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