‘Black Adam’ Proves Dwayne Johnson’s Strengths and Weaknesses as a Box Office Draw

The costly DC tentpole had a strong opening but is struggling to break even on theatrical revenues

“Black Adam” star Dwayne Johnson congratulated Marvel Studios for its big weekend, with a $331 million global launch of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” — but Marvel’s triumph is his film’s loss. “Black Adam” ticket sales dropped a steep 56% in its fourth weekend, to $8 million, and decline that’s likely to continue given the strong word of mouth for “Wakanda Forever.”

While “Black Adam” crossed the $150 million domestic and $350 million global milestones this weekend, that’s not going to be enough to turn a profit on a $195 million blockbuster that was accompanied by an expensive global marketing campaign. Even if the somehow inched its way to the $400 million worldwide mark, “Black Adam” will fail to get out of the red.

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Jeremy Fuster

Box Office Reporter • jeremy.fuster@thewrap.com • Twitter: @jeremyfuster