‘Black Adam’ Proves Dwayne Johnson’s Strengths and Weaknesses as a Box Office Draw

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The costly DC tentpole had a strong opening but is struggling to break even on theatrical revenues

black adam
Dwayne Johnson in "Black Adam" (Warner Bros.)

“Black Adam” star Dwayne Johnson congratulated Marvel Studios for its big weekend, with a $331 million global launch of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” — but Marvel’s triumph is his film’s loss. “Black Adam” ticket sales dropped a steep 56% in its fourth weekend, to $8 million, and decline that’s likely to continue given the strong word of mouth for “Wakanda Forever.”

While “Black Adam” crossed the $150 million domestic and $350 million global milestones this weekend, that’s not going to be enough to turn a profit on a $195 million blockbuster that was accompanied by an expensive global marketing campaign. Even if the somehow inched its way to the $400 million worldwide mark, “Black Adam” will fail to get out of the red.