NBC Reality Boss Teases New ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Catchphrase: No More ‘You’re Fired’

Plus, banished contestant will be sent off in a different vehicle this season, Paul Telegdy tells TheWrap

Celebrity Apprentice

Production has already concluded on the upcoming “Celebrity Apprentice” Season 8, but no one is sure what the new host’s version of Donald Trump’s famous “You’re fired” will be. Seriously: No one.

“We’ve shot multiple endings to ‘The Celebrity Apprentice,’” new NBC Entertainment Alternative and Reality Group president Paul Telegdy told TheWrap on Wednesday. “And I can tell you that Arnold SchwarzeneggerMark Burnett and I don’t even know which catchphrase is going to be put into the end of the first show yet.”

“We may even start a guessing game. We may even run an online competition — I don’t even know yet,” he continued, perhaps only half-joking.

So, maybe “You’ve been terminated” is a real possibility?

No matter what the final phrase (that ironically doesn’t pay) ends up being, it won’t be the only new non-Trump way of doing things come January, when the show switches coasts.

Telegdy later teased: “There’s an alternative mode of transportation for [a contestant’s] exit from the show that is no longer a stretch limousine going down Park Avenue, and it may involve rotating blades.”

Based on that intel, this reporter figures the catchphrase leader in the clubhouse has to be, “Get to the chopper!” But post your suggestions in the comments section below.

While he won’t talk about his old host, the network exec couldn’t possibly be any happier with the new guy.

“Arnold is remarkable. There is really something there,” Telegdy told us. “I know that sounds silly, but his journey in life and what it has taken … is an amazing American success story.”

“He is a massive star. He is stop-in-the-street famous in a way that is fun to be a part of,” he continued. “And he’s very shrewd, he’s extremely witty. Very funny. Very, very funny.”

See for yourself starting Monday, Jan. 2 at 8/7c on NBC.