At CES: Fox’s Pete Levinsohn Says Studios Need Windows and a “Balanced Marketplace”

In seeking the right business model for film in the digital age, says Levinsohn, studios need to find “the right price value relationship for the customer so you can hit them in different windows.”

Pete Levinsohn, the chief digital executive at Fox Filmed Entertainment, sat down to discuss the state of digital entertainment with me at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The content conversation – as it intersects with digital – does not seem to be advancing very rapidly, even as executives like Levinsohn hit the floor to examine the latest smart TVs and tablets. 

Levinsohn had just spoken on a panel with Disney's Bob Chapek, Jordan Hoffner of Electus and several other digital and home entertainment experts, where he said that the studios need to maintain a "balanced marketplace" as the digital giants continue to grow.

Here's our chat: