Charlie Sheen Live: Scenes from the Detroit Fiasco [Video]

Painful YouTube clips have captured Charlie Sheen’s concert trainwreck in Motown

Maybe you heard that Charlie Sheen totally bombed in Detroit on Saturday night

Well, now there's video from both events up on YouTube, so you can judge for yourself.

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Wearing a Detroit Tigers jersey, Sheen begins tour well, telling the audience what would be happening — stories that he didn't tell on shows like "Good Morning America" and other anecdotes. The audience seems game to let him talk, and he sat down in a director's chair at the front of the stage in a not totally unappealing way.

"Do you remember that time my car got stolen in the middle of the night? Wanna hear that story?" Sheen asks. "It involves crack, I promise you … The good stories always do."

But then the audience turns a short time after he responds to a heckler who has apparently called him a loser.

He launches into a hard-to-follow and likely unscripted routine about an iPhone-like app he created for the tour, called the Ma-Sheen. He uses this to play a series of pre-taped comedy videos, including a bizarre and frankly lame re-cut '20/20" interview.

As the clips progress, the crowd is no longer with Sheen — they're simply confused and creeped out. The video clips will tell the rest of the tale.

VIDEO 1: Opening comedian bombs

VIDEO 2: Terrible opening singers

VIDEO 3: Story time

VIDEO 4: Show of hands: Who here has tried crack?"

VIDEO 5: Painful audience Q+A