No Marvel, Big Problem: Chinese Box Office Down 27% From 2019

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The Chinese box office is looking to films like “No Time to Die” and “The Battle of Lake Changjin” to end a four-month slump

china box office
(Photo by Yifan Ding/Getty Images)

With plenty of blockbusters and specialty contenders, October is expected to be a busy and fruitful month for the box office. That’s not just in the United States but also in China, where theaters hope that a mix of local and Hollywood blockbusters (though no Marvel movies) will break a months-long slump in moviegoing.

Just seven months ago, China was the envy of the global theatrical marketplace, reporting a record $1.2 billion grossed in the Lunar New Year period of Feb. 11-17. By the end of February, China reported box office of $2.3 billion for the first two months of the year, nearly 5% ahead of the pace set in pre-pandemic 2019.