‘Morning Joe’: Former Senator Claire McCaskill Says ‘Trump Is Not Running for President – He’s Running for Pardon’ (Video)

Republicans are “handcuffed to a guy who will not campaign for president on the issues that people want to hear about,” McCaskill argues

Despite being arraigned on charges in his second indictment on Tuesday, Donald Trump remains in the race for president in 2024. But, at this point, former senator Claire McCaskill doesn’t think he’s actually running for president — he’s just “running for pardon.”

McCaskill’s thoughts came on Wednesday morning’s episode of “Morning Joe,” as Joe Scarborough and his team applauded a Republican congressman from Arizona for adding his voice to the few Republicans who are condemning Trump’s actions. For McCaskill, “it’s not surprising” that many are still trying to support the twice-impeached former president, but it is pointless.

“I think it’s time we realize that Donald Trump is not running for president, he’s running for pardon,” McCaskill said. “I think it’s time we realize that the Republicans are afraid of him, and the base that supports him no matter what.”

The former Missouri senator and current political analyst for NBC News and MSNBC added that everyday voters outside that base “do not want this election to be about Donald Trump’s behavior,” which is another issue for Trump, because these charges seem to prevent him from addressing actual platform issues.

“He cannot talk about the economy,” McCaskill said. “He cannot talk about trade, or foreign policy, or healthcare costs, or abortion, or guns, because all he can talk about is ‘Oh, poor me, I’m a victim.’ And people don’t want to hear that for the next 18 months. They don’t want to hear that.”

She continued, “So, the Republicans are not only handcuffed to a chronic liar, and a fraudster, and somebody who has no respect for the rule of law, they’re handcuffed to a guy who will not campaign for president on the issues that people want to hear about.”

You can watch McCaskill’s full thoughts in the video above.