‘Morning Joe’ Calls Out New York Post for ‘What About the Bidens?’ Headline: ‘You Don’t Have to Play to the Dumbest Readers’ (Video)

“You break my heart,” Scarborough said

Joe Scarborough was on a tear on Monday morning, raging over those who are still defending former president Trump amid that second indictment. Among those on the receiving end of Scarborough’s ire was The New York Post, after they ran a headline ending in “What About the Bidens?” on their front page.

In full, the front page headline of Monday’s New York Post read “Trump was indicted but … WHAT ABOUT THE BIDENS?” It featured images of both President Biden and his son Hunter, and opinions from House speaker Kevin McCarthy and Post columnist Miranda Devine, complaining about a “double standard” (despite the fact that there is in fact an investigation ongoing into the classified documents found at President Biden’s homes).

The New York Post cover in question

“Listen. Listen, listen. You break my heart,” Scarborough said, holding up a copy of the paper. “You break my heart, official newspaper of ‘Morning Joe.’ You don’t have to play to the dumbest readers that you have. You really don’t.”

The New York Post did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

That said, Scarborough isn’t shocked that Republicans are turning to whataboutisms at this point. He then offered some advice he’s received.

“We’re gonna see a lot of that noise. But as one Admiral said to me, ‘You get ground noise, and you get the signal. Ignore the ground noise Joe, focus on the signal,’” he said. “The signal is, we have a guy, as president, who has committed the worst crimes in the White House and outside of the White House, of any chief executive in the history of this republic.”

You can watch the full moment from “Morning Joe” in the video above.