‘Morning Joe’ Says Trump Is ‘Going to Have to Plea’ to Avoid Jail Time: About to Get ‘the Harshest Lesson of His Life’ (Video)

“Trump thought he could bully people. He’s now going to find out,” Scarborough said

Twice-impeached former president Donald Trump earned his second indictment on Thursday, so what comes next? Well, according to the “Morning Joe” crew, Trump is “going to have to plea” out, or jail time is all but certain.

The latest indictment was top of mind on Friday’s show, with the panel feeling certain that there’s very little Trump can do to get out of this. Host Joe Scarborough argued that Trump has been employing the same tactics for his entire life, and has just “always stayed five minutes away from imminent destruction.” But now, he’s going to face real consequences.

“Trump thought he could bully people. He’s now going to find out, and he’s going to be delivered the harshest lesson of his life, that you can’t bully federal judges,” Scarborough said. “You can’t bully the Feds themselves. And he’s going to pay for this. He may pay for it with his liberty, unless he cops a deal. He’s going to have to plea, or I’m predicting he’s gonna get charged and very likely will spend time in jail.”

Of course, the “Morning Joe” panel had no sympathy for the former president, kicking off the discussion by first roasting him for bringing this indictment upon himself, calling him “a stubborn dope” who could’ve avoided this altogether because “the best evidence against him is evidence that he has created.”

“He had every opportunity, as we’ve been pointing out, to give these documents back,” attorney George Conway said. “If he had invited NARA [the National Archives and Records Administration], over to Mar-a-Lago in the middle of last year, a year ago, we would not be here today.”

He added, “We might not have even heard about the incident because it would have been just viewed as ‘Oh well, there was some misplaced documents and he gave them back.’ It wouldn’t be a big deal.”

You can watch the full segment from “Morning Joe” in the video above.