George Conway Says It’d Be ‘Fitting’ for Trump to Go to Jail for ‘Something So Stupid’ as Mishandling Documents (Video)

“Of all the things this man has done, [this case] is probably the easiest,” Conway said on “Morning Joe”

George Conway is adding his expert legal opinion to the many who say charges are likely for former president Donald Trump for alleged mishandling of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. And, to Conway, it’ll be “kind of fitting” if “something so stupid” puts Trump in jail.

Conway’s thoughts came on Tuesday morning’s episode of “Morning Joe,” as the panel asked him for his insights in light of Trump’s legal team reportedly set to meet with officials from the Department of Justice. Conway noted that it likely means we’re in “the final strokes” of the case, before marveling at what might be coming.

“What’s really, really remarkable about it is that, of all the things this man has done — eight decades of lying and cheating and stealing — this case, this documents case, is probably the easiest, shortest, simplest, and yet carries the most severe penalties — likely penalties — of any of the cases, any of the legal issues that he’s ever faced,” he said.

Conway also pointed out that if Trump is charged under the Espionage Act, he could face some pretty severe jail time. And for Conway, that’s a bit amusing.

“For this man, who is basically a nihilistic moron, for him to go to jail, potentially, for a long time — I mean, these Espionage Act charges bring very heavy sentences — to potentially go to jail for something so stupid, and pointless, and silly, and useless as keeping these documents, is actually kind of fitting,” he said.

You can watch Conway’s full thought’s in the video above.