Colbert on Fetterman’s Double-Digit Lead Over Dr. Oz: ‘Pennsylvanians Want To Have a Senator Who Is Actually From Pennsylvania’ (Video)

“The Late Show Host” also caught his audience up with humor on Warner Bros. Discovery killing “Batgirl”

Stephen Colbert took aim at a regular punching bag of his – Pennsylvania GOP Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz – when he broke down the political race in the state on Thursday night’s “The Late Show.”

After explaining the matchup on the Governor side of things, the “Late Show” host turned his attention to the fight between Democratic Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman who is facing off with Dr. Oz in the November election for senator.

“Polls show Fetterman leading by double digits, which might be because Pennsylvanians want to have a Senator who is actually from Pennsylvania,” Colbert joked.

“Dr. Oz lived and voted in New Jersey as recently as the 2020 election. So Fetterman has gone full troll on Oz’s garden state ass, even starting a petition to add Dr. Oz to the New Jersey Hall of Fame,” Colbert continued. “That is lovely. That is really nice. If inducted he would join such luminaries as Bruce Springsteen, Tommy from the song ‘Livin’ on a Prayer,’ and the word ‘gabagool.’”

As he continued to recap some of the trolling of Dr. Oz by Fetterman’s camp, Colbert played a clip of a video from E Street band member, and “Sopranos” alum Steven Van Zandt, where the star addressed the TV doc and said, “What are you doing in Pennsylvania? Everybody knows you live in New Jersey and you’re just using your in-laws’ address over there. You do not want to mess around with John Fetterman. Trust me. He’s a little out of your league. Nobody wants to see you get embarrassed.”

“Counterpoint,” Colbert said, in response to Van Zandt’s last comment and raising his hand. “I do.”

The “Late Show” host covered a number of current news topics in Thursday’s monologue (which you can watch above), but he ended on the recent move by Warner Bros. Discovery to ax “Batgirl,” which will likely give the company a tax write-off.

“There’s also some shocking news out of Hollywood. We have learned that the DC Comics film ‘Batgirl’ will be completely shelved by Warner Bros., which means they will not be releasing the movie on any platform. That’s terrible news for Gotham City. Without Batgirl, who’s going to fight, I want to say the Penguinette?” he asked, adding, “Lady joke.”

As Colbert continued he had one more barb to throw the way of Warner Bros. Discovery.

“You almost never see a movie studio bail on a project this completely, especially since they’ve already spent an estimated $90 million, which they are now taking as a tax write-off. It explains Warner Bros’ next movie, ‘The Deductible Hulk,’” he added (though assuming fans wouldn’t recall Hulk is a Marvel universe character).