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‘Cullen’ Is Trending Thanks to a Superhero-Inspired Cat

A viral tweet showing a cat pushing a car has inspired the internet to dub the feline after Robert Pattinson’s famous “Twilight” character

There are certain things that we can’t help associating with pop culture lore, no matter what our brains want us to think. Things like saying “I love you” and someone responding, “I know,” or the name “Harry,” or the name “Cullen.”

We may not want to think about Stephenie Mayer’s “Twilight” all the time, but we can’t ignore that the characters and their stories have become, for better or worse, a crucial part of our lexicon. That’s part of why the internet is having a field day with an innocent cat who is becoming famous for a photo where he looks like he’s pushing a small car. Naturally, this is reminding the internet of the famous “Twilight” scene where Edward Cullen saves Bella Swan from a car in the first film. Although we don’t know the cat’s real name, Twitter users have dubbed him “Cullen”… for obvious reasons.

Of course, there are those who don’t see Edward as the end-all-be-all of superheroes. “Everyone out here saying the cat is like Edward Cullen but real OGs know stopping cars to save people is actually Spider-Man’s go-to move,” writer and editor Alisha Grauso tweeted. Regardless, the fact that a superhero-inspired cat got Cullen trending is pretty great, especially for fans of the vampire series, who are now going crazy posting homages to Robert Pattinson’s favorite sparkly vampire, or Bella and Edward. It’s like we all time-traveled back to 2008, which at this point, would almost be welcome after a year of COVID-19.

But Cullen is not just associated with “Twilight.” Cullen is also the name of a popular character in “Dragon Age: Inquisition.” And, apparently, the Bioware and video game community is having a trending moment, where Cullen is the talk of social media, which has also been fueled by the famous cat tweet. Needless to say, video game fans and “Twilight” fans are both having their respective moments.

Whether you’re here for sparkly vampires or video game drama, in the end, what matters is that we made the official “Twilight” Twitter proud. In 2020, it’s all about the little things.