‘Daily Show’: Kal Penn Ponders a Prison Cell Trio of Donald Trump, Hunter Biden and George Santos | Video

“It’s shocking to think the presidential election might come down to who goes to jail first,” the Comedy Central guest host says

Kal Penn returned to guest host Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” on Monday night and quickly got down to business, roasting Hunter Biden over his nine tax-related indictments.

Penn at one point even wondered how lucky he’d have to be for Biden to be joined in a prison cell by Donald Trump and George Santos.

“Look, Hunter Biden spent millions of dollars on drugs and sex instead of paying his taxes,” Penn said as part of “The Daily Show” headlines segment. “And it’s shocking to think the presidential election might come down to who goes to jail first — Hunter Biden or Donald Trump. Although, maybe if we’re lucky, the two of them end up in a cell together. You throw George Santos in there, and I am watching that show.”

Penn then seemingly turned serious, asking how President Joe Biden could potentially rein in his son’s behavior.

“Old-timey vocabulary doesn’t even cover this kind of stuff,” Penn joked, going into a presidential impression.

“Son, I hear you’ve been smoking the jelly beans. Watching the hanky-panky reels. Paying birds to shake their fannies,” Penn-as-President-Biden said before referencing a State Department spokesman’s comment mentioned earlier in “The Daily Show” segment regarding Ukraine’s weapon arsenal — and an old-timey ad campaign for beer. “We’re almost out of Schlitz!”

Watch the full “Daily Show” segment at the top of this post.


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