Sony Lawyer David Boies’ Letter to TheWrap Confirms ‘The Interview’ as Motive Behind Hack Attack

Correspondence says hackers are demanding Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy receive no distribution

In a letter sent to TheWrap and numerous media outlets on Dec. 14, high-powered Sony counsel David Boies plainly states that studio hackers are “explicitly seeking” to prevent the studio from releasing a motion picture — presumably controversial Seth RogenJames Franco film “The Interview.”

The couriered letter advises TheWrap that the studio does not consent to the publication of confidential documents, email threads and financial figures obtained by the hackers and leaked in waves since late November. Boies also seems to confirm what Sony has not — that the hack was inspired by the comedy and its depiction of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s graphic, fictional assassination.

Boies’ introduction reads:

“As you may also be aware, in an on-going campaign explicitly seeking to prevent SPE from distributing a motion picture, the perpetrators of the theft have threatened SPE and its staff and are using the dissemination of both private and company information for the stated purpose of materially harming SPE unless SPE submits and withdraws the motion picture from distribution.”

Hackers purporting to represent a group known as the Guardians of Peace or #GOP directly threatened Sony on December 8, insisting “The Interview” be pulled.

“Stop immediately showing the movie of terrorism which can break the regional peace and cause the War!” said a note published to GitHub.

See the full Boies letter:

wrap boies letter 1

wrap boies letter 2

wrao boies letter 3