David Petraeus Bio Co-Author to Speak Out on Broadwell Sex Scandal

Vernon Loeb, a high-ranking Washington Post editor who co-authored Paula Broadwell's book on David Petraeus, has so far remained silent on the sex scandal

Paula Broadwell, the co-author of a biography on now disgraced CIA Director David Petraeus, has been showered with media scrutiny since the former general resigned Friday after admitting to having an affair with her.

Getty ImagesBut Vernon Loeb — the Washington Post editor with whom she authored  "All In: the Education of General David Petraeus" — has been mum on the scandal, declining multiple interview requests.

On Tuesday, he will break his silence.

Loeb will publish a first-person account of his knowledge of the sex scandal in Tuesday's paper, the Post's ombudsman told TheWrap.

"Mr. Loeb is writing a first-person story about his knowledge of all of this in tomorrow's editions of the Post," Patrick Pexton, the Post's reader representative, wrote in an email to TheWrap. "And yes, he should speak out."

The Huffington Post raised questions Monday about the Washington Post's coverage of the scandal. They pointed to the Post's page-one story on Sunday about Broadwell's close access to the general, but the story did not quote Loeb.

"The Post briefly mentions Loeb's involvement in the book in a single sentence midway through the Sunday article, without any indication that the publication attempted to contact him for the story," Michael Calderone wrote in the Huffington Post.  "Loeb was similarly mentioned in another story that the Post ran on Friday on Petraeus' resignation. It's possible that Loeb has assisted reporters in covering the Petraeus scandal, but any involvement isn't apparent by way of direct quotation."

A Post spokesperson did not immediately respond to requests from TheWrap for official comment on Loeb's role in the reporting of the Petraeus scandal.