Does ‘Joker’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Do you need to stick around for any bonus scenes once the credits start?

does joker have a post-credits scene
Warner Bros.

It turns out that dominating the pop culture discourse for a month can be very good for a movie, as “Joker” is about to become the first R-rated movie ever to hit a billion dollars at the box office. That’s no small accomplishment for a movie with a $55 million budget.

Though the film’s critical reception cooled considerably since it garnered a lengthy standing ovation in Venice, that obviously hasn’t affected its box office take — after a month, it’s the biggest movie that Warner Bros has put out this year, both at the domestic box office and internationally. It turns out that dominating the pop culture discourse the way “Joker” has can be a very, very good thing.

Anyway, the question you came here for an answer to is whether “Joker” has any bonus content during or after the credits, following the trend of post- and mid-credits scenes that have become just about ubiquitous in movies based on comic books, with even DC films joining the trend in recent years. Even with its crazy success, “Joker” doesn’t seem like a prime candidate to get a sequel, but who knows? Anything is possible with these things at this point.

So does the latest DC movie contain either a mid-credits or post-credits scene?

Unfortunately for DC fans hoping for any extra content after the credits have stopped rolling, “Joker” has no post-credits or mid-credits scene. Once the credits begin, the movie has ended, and there are no extra scenes or any other type of content to experience.

We do, of course, encourage filmgoers to stick around for the credits anyway in appreciation for all the hard work that brought the movie you just experienced to life, but if you need to get out of the theater for whatever reason, it’s safe to do so once the credits start.