‘Dr. Dolittle 2’ Star Bart the Bear II Dies at 21

“The Seus Clan is forever humbled and grateful to have shared our lives with this noble grizzly,” Bart’s caretakers wrote in a post

"The Bear and the Maiden Fair," "Game of Thrones," HBO
"The Bear and the Maiden Fair," "Game of Thrones," HBO

Bart the Bear II, a grizzly bear who appeared in a number of movies and TV shows, including “Dr. Doolittle 2,” died earlier this month of natural causes, Lynne and Doug Seus, co-founders of the Vital Ground Foundation, confirmed in a blog post. He was 21.

“Bart the Bear II’s spirit lifted silently and naturally from the banks of Daniel Creek, Utah, this week,” the Seus family wrote in the post on their foundation’s website. “Bart and his sister, Honey Bump, were orphaned in the Wrangell Mountains of Alaska. Their mother had been killed by a hunter. A dedicated bear biologist followed the trail of boot tracks and blood to find two terrified and starving cubs. Instead of becoming tiny bear skeletons in a high, hidden den, they arrived to the arms of the Seus Family, just as the center of our clan, Big Bart the Bear, was dying of cancer.”


Bart was brought to Utah where he lived out his life. Among the Hollywood productions he featured in included “Game of Thrones,” in particular, Season 3, Episode 7’s “The Bear and the Maiden Fair,” where Brienne of Tarth had to take on a bear in a pit fight. Bart also appeared in films such as “Pete’s Dragon,” “We Bought A Zoo” and “Evan Almighty.”

In their post memorializing Bart, the family wrote that they were “forever humbled and grateful to have shared” their “lives with this noble grizzly.”

Bart stood 8.5-feet tall and weighed over 1,000 pounds.