How ‘Dynasty’ Reboot Deals With ‘Homophobic’ Elements of Original Series

TCA 2017: “A lot of those dynamics have evolved,” executive producer Josh Schwartz says

The CW

The Carringtons will have plenty to fight about on the new “Dynasty,” but one topic won’t be a factor.

The team from The CW reboot addressed reporters at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour on Wednesday, where one journalist asked about patriarch Blake Carrington’s homophobia in the original version that was launched in 1981. In the new “Dynasty,” Blake’s son, Steven Carrington (James Mackay), is openly gay.

“Steven is confidently gay — he’s not toying with his sexuality,” executive producer Josh Schwartz said of the Atlanta-based revival. “He is gay — Blake accepts him. There’s no rancor over that issue.”

“We sort of assumed that even in some of the more conservative pockets of the South, where the show takes place, a lot of those dynamics have evolved,” he continued.

Grant Show, who plays Blake in the reboot, said that his character “can’t be homophobic” in the 2017 iteration.

“He fiercely loves his family, and he fiercely defends his dynasty,” Show added.

“Dynasty” premieres Oct. 11 on The CW.