Election 2012: Hollywood and the Media React Via Twitter

From Donald Trump to Michael Moore, the rich and famous have their say on the Obama-Romney race results

Americans made their voices heard at voting booths across the country on Tuesday.

But some observers, many of them famous, had a little more to say. So they took to Twitter, the preferred forum for those who want to offer a little (sometimes far too little) piece of their minds these days.

Here are some of the the best reactions to Election Day 2012.

Best Fashion-Forward Election Day Commentary goes to "Girls" creator Lena Dunham, who encouraged her female followers to tweet pictures of "your voting 'looks'" — and then critiqued the submitters' election-day ensembles. The winner of Dunham's election-day fashion parade? "Best election day look: my great aunt Doad, soon to be 100, voted Obama in her blue parka."

Best "Please, Mormons, Go See My Next Movie" goes to Ewan McGregor, who took a dig at Mormonism — the religion of Republican challenger Mitt Romney, and a stronghold in Utah — then walked back from his comment with an apology.

"Mitt won Utah!!! The men in that state are allowed more than one vote each though, so it shouldn't really be taken into account," McGregor wrote.

The actor tempered his tone shortly after, writing, "Apologies for the Utah gag. Was a stupid joke. Didn't mean to cause any offense."

Worst 2000 Election Flashback honors go to Sarah Silverman, who tweeted a story about an electronic voting machine registering an Obama vote for Mitt Romney. "WTF?! Please don't let them get away w this shit AGAIN," Silverman despaired.

Best Impression of Your Cranky Right-Wing Uncle is a hands-down win for Donald Trump. Trump, who spread his stink over the election season with his demands for Obama's birth certificate and college records, continued to bang his fist on the dining-room table and grouse on Tuesday.

"The federal gov. has handled Sandy worse than Katrina. There is no excuse why people don't have electricity or fuel yet," Trump griped via his Twitter account. "Do we still want a President who bows to the Saudis and lets OPEC rip us off? Make America strong, vote for @MittRomney"

And while he was in a complainin' mood, Trump let the world know that he's not too fond of that Richard Belzer fella, either.

"I love show 'Law and Order' but the @MRbelzer casting is the worst ever," Trump wrote. "No talent — unwatchable!"

Most Ill-Advised Get Out the Vote Effort goes to "Bowling for Columbine" filmmaker Michael Moore, who offered his phone number in order to get reluctant voters to the polls. "If u know someone who isn't going to vote but might if I called or texted them, text me their cell # at 810-522-8398," Moore wrote. Dude, you do know that about half the country would love to crank-call you, right?

Best Snarky Endorsement (From a Guy Who Isn't Eligible to Vote in This Country): Ricky Gervais wins for this little gem: "America, If you only vote for one President this year, make it @BarackObama."

Most Humorous Clarification goes to Steve Martin, who notified the public, "After more fact checking, it turns out that voting is not a right, but a consolation prize for not getting to be dictator."

Best Regional Humor in Exit-Poll Analysis goes to Patton Oswalt, who took pokes at both the Granite State and the Yellowhammer State.

"Exit polls from NH show a 100% response for, 'Voter in question tossed a white riesling in my face. Dry but bosomy,'" Oswalt wrote. Which was matched by, "Exit polls from Alabama show a 100% response for, 'The voter in question spit a plug of chewin' terbacky in my city-slicker face.'"

The Hottest Pundit-on-Pundit honors belong to Bill Maher. Maher poked fun at fellow Bloviator Named Bill, Bill O'Reilly, with the double shot, "O Reilly just said people vote for Obama cuz they 'want stuff,' then cited blacks, Latinos and women. White men in US? TOTALLY SELF-RELIANT!" coupled with "Bill O Reilly on Fox already preparing the bubble dwellers for the worst, blaming the coming loss on Sandy and Christie. Fatty the Fall Guy."

Maher also took aim at CNN personality Wolf Blitzer, writing, "Ah, the beloved election night ritual of watching Wolf Blitzer get utterly startled every time an actual number comes in."

O'Reilly has not yet offered a Twitter response to Maher's barbs, though Blitzer appeared to preemptively address the issue when he wrote earlier Tuesday, "Lots of folks asking me how often I'll say 'WOW' tonight or 'Stand By' or 'O-M-G.'"