How ‘There’s Something in the Water’ Director Ellen Page Stumbled Into Her Film About ‘Environmental Racism’ | Video

“We did not think it was going to turn into something this elaborate,” the actress turned filmmaker says

Actress turned documentary filmmaker Ellen Page said she never intended to make a feature film about environmental racism in Nova Scotia, Canada — she originally just wanted to use her platform to raise awareness about the issue.

“I’m originally from the province of Nova Scoatia, Halifax, born and raised, graduated high school there and my family is still there,” Page told TheWrap’s Sharon Waxman at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month. “I started learning more and more about this issue of environmental racism in Nova Scotia, and I had no idea about a lot of these issues.”

Once aware of the problems, she wanted to learn more and found Ingrid Waldron’s “essential, incredible book” that also gave the title to her film: “There’s Something in the Water.”

“It just felt absolutely imperative to contact Ingrid, to help use the platform and the privilege that I have, and the presence I’d say in Nova Scotia, to help get the voices out there. It evolved from there — we didn’t intend to make a feature film. When we went, that wasn’t at all what we were thinking — we did not think it was going to turn into something this elaborate,” Page said.

Watch the full video above.

Beatrice Verhoeven

Beatrice Verhoeven

Senior Film Reporter


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