Elon Musk’s Plan For AI News | Commentary

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Musk emails with details on AI-powered news inside X. An AI bot will summarize news, scanning tens of thousands of posts per story.

Elon Musk (Omar Marques/Getty Images)

Elon Musk emailed me this week with some surprising details about his plan to distill and present news on X using AI. I’d written him after trying Grok — X’s AI chatbot — and noticing it didn’t link to a Time story it summarized. I wanted to click into the article and read more, so I reached out.

Musk said better citations are coming but shared a deeper vision for the product, which he wants to build into a real-time synthesizer of news and social media reaction. Effectively, his plan is to use AI to combine breaking news and social commentary around big stories, present the compilation live and allow you to go deeper via chat. 


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