Emmy Rossum Thanks Police After Reported $150,000 Burglary

“Shameless” star reportedly had $150,000 in jewelry and other valuables stolen from her Los Angeles home

emmy rossum
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Emmy Rossum was shameless in her gratitude for the Los Angeles Police Department on Tuesday, after her Los Angeles home was reportedly burglarized in a $150,000 heist.

The “Shameless” star took to Twitter to share her support for the police, writing, “Thank you to the LAPD. I fully support the police efforts and dedication.”

Rossum’s message of gratitude came following reports that her Los Angeles home was targeted in a burglary last week, with $150,000 in vintage jewelry and other valuables being stolen.

New York Daily News reported that Rossum’s home was broken into by burglars who shattered a glass pane at or near the back door, then found the written combinations for a pair of safes.

While an initial report stated that Rossum had left the combinations out in the open, a source told the Daily News that the combinations “were not readily available. Whoever did this really dug and searched for them.”

According to the source, it’s unclear whether the culprits disabled her alarm by cutting the power, though a surveillance camera might have captured the burglary.

“It’s an ongoing investigation. There might be camera footage. Everything has to be looked at,” the source told the Daily News.

TheWrap has reached out to Rossum’s spokeswoman for comment.