‘Face the Nation’ Names John Dickerson to Replace Bob Schieffer

Schieffer made the announcement on Sunday that the CBS News political director will take over this summer

CBS News

John Dickerson, CBS News political director, will replace Bob Schieffer as host of “Face the Nation,” Schieffer announced on the program Sunday.

“Now the obvious question is, who’s going to take this seat?” said the retiring Schieffer. “I’m happy to say the answer is my friend CBS News political director John Dickerson, who’s been on this broadcast 83 times and he sure has the right bloodlines.”

Dickerson joined Schieffer on the broadcast and responded, “I’m thrilled. I have watched Bob my whole professional life not just as a viewer but as a daily reporter who also covered the Hill. I’m honored to carry on his tradition on ‘Face the Nation.’”

The news comes less than a week after Schieffer revealed during a speech at Texas Christian University that he will step down after a decades-long career with the network.

Schieffer, 78, has spent the past 46 years working for the network. He announced on Wednesday that he will retire this summer.

Schieffer previously anchored the Saturday edition of the “CBS Evening News” for 23 years. Then he transitioned to interim anchor of “The CBS Evening News” from March 2005 to August 2006, following the departure of longtime anchor Dan Rather.

Following Sunday’s announcement, CBS News posted a lengthy article about the handover on its website.