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Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Credits Vaccine for Saving His Life During COVID Battle

The anchor returned to the air Monday after a six-week absence, which included an ICU hospitalization

After six weeks off the air, Neil Cavuto returned to Fox News on Monday and explained that his absence was due to a serious case of COVID pneumonia that put him in the ICU – and that the vaccine saved his life.

“Had I not been vaccinated at all, I wouldn’t be here,” Cavuto said.

The “Your World with Neil Cavuto” host began, “We have a lot of breaking news right now, but I have a lot of explaining to do.” He asked Fox not to reveal that he was hospitalized. “I wasn’t hiding anything. I just felt that it really wasn’t a story… But this did drag on a long time for me. So you deserve an explanation from me.”

Cavuto had previously contracted COVID in October, but said this case was ” a far more serious strand, what they call Covid pneumonia.” He said, “It landed me in intensive are for quite a while and it really was touch-and-go. Some of you who’ve wanted to put me out of my misery darn near got what you wished for! So, sorry to disappoint you!”

He dismissed rumors that it was the vaccine that had made him deathly ill.

“No, the vaccine didn’t cause this,” he said. “That grassy knoll theory has come up a lot that I really have to put it to rest. My very compromised immune system did. Because I’ve had cancer and now have Multiple Sclerosis, I’m among the vulnerable three percent of the population or so that simply cannot sustain the full benefits of a vaccine. In other words, (the immunity) doesn’t last.”

Cavuto added, “Doctors say had I not been vaccinated at all, I wouldn’t be here. It provided some defense, but that is still better than no defense.”

He concluded that he was not here to “debate vaccinations for you,” and that it was time to “get back to far more important matters and stories,” like Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.