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GLAAD Beware: ‘You Know How I Know You’re Gay?’ (video)

This gay-baiting scene from ”Knocked Up,“ now popular on YouTube, caused not a ripple when the film came out — changing times?

Changing times?

In "Knocked Up," Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd engaged in deeply politically incorrect humor, that caused not a ripple when the movie was released.

In the scene, Rogen and Rudd ask each other how they know one another is gay (neither one is).

Answers range from:

"You know what Rupert Everett smells like."

"You wear v-neck sweaters with nothing underneath."

"You trim your beard… man-scaping, I call it."

GLAAD must hate it. But they don't find these kinds of things funny. Wait — are we allowed to?


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