Greg Gutfeld Heckles ‘SNL’ Writers for Nikki Haley Sketch: ‘She Fit Right In by Not Being Funny’ | Video

“She showed all the charisma of a five-pound bag of all purpose flour,” the Fox News host says

The “king of late night” Greg Gutfeld savagely heckled the writers over at “Saturday Night Live” for their sketch with Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, a move that in tight New York City comics circles might colloquially be referred to as “shots fired.”

The “Gutfeld!” host opened his Monday night monologue with a look at the former South Carolina governor’s role in the opening sketch from NBC’s late-night show over the weekend.

“She fit right in by not being funny,” Gutfeld said. “She played the role of a concerned South Carolina voter in the opening skit, questioning a fake Donald Trump in a townhall – and she showed all the charisma of a five-pound bag of all-purpose flour.”

The Fox News show then rolled a clip from Haley’s Saturday appearance, in which she asks Trump if the legally embattled front-runner needs to borrow some money.

“Oh, don’t do this, Nikki Haley Joe Osment!” said the exasperated Trump impersonator, playing on the former president’s tendency to ramble. “We call her – remember that one? ‘I see dead people.’”

“That’s what voters will say if they see you and Joe on the ballot,” Haley replies.

Cut to Gutfeld: “The only dead people we see are the writers for this show.”

Hello, NYPD? We heard what we thought might be gunshots.

Watch the comic-on-comic crime in the video above.


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