Gun-Shy ABC Pretapes Lambert’s ‘View’ Appearance

Network still weary of flamboyant singer

Last Updated: December 11, 2009 @ 8:39 AM


A big deal was made about ABC booking Adam Lambert on “The View” after canceling the pop singer’s scheduled appearance on “Good Morning America” in the wake of his homoerotic live performance on the American Music Awards show.

But the network was still hedging its bet: according to E!, ABC pretaped Lambert’s segment on “The View” just in case, you know, he started making out with one of his dancers again.

The decision to pre-tape the show will almost certainly rankle those who criticized CBS for its double standard in blurring footage of Lambert’s kiss while airing Madonna and Britney’s unblurred.

But ABC’s move also drew criticism from its own stars.

"I think ABC’s keeping [the AMA scandal] a lot more alive than anybody else, but that’s me," Whoopi Goldberg said.  Sherri Shepherd called the precautions "excessive.”

Here’s the "View" video: