Guns N’ Roses Reunion Shocker: Axl Rose Has Already Broken Himself (Video)

Singer undergoes surgery to repair a fracture in his foot after surprise Troubadour gig

axl rose guns n roses
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Axl Rose has already gotten off on the wrong foot with the Guns N’ Roses reunion.

A week after performing an intimate gig at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, the Guns N’ Roses frontman revealed via Twitter on Friday that he has sustained a foot injury.

“This is what can happen when you do something you haven’t done in nearly over [sic] 23 years, ‘Internal Fixation,’” Rose wrote.

Contrary to how it might sound, “Internal Fixation” is not the title of an upcoming Guns N’ Roses album, but rather a medical procedure that the singer was forced to undergo.

While Rose didn’t say how the injury occurred, a little quick math reveals that 2016 minus 23 equals 1993 — the year that the Axl Rose-Slash relationship imploded.

The singer posted a video from his physician, Dr. Rachel Triche, who explained that Rose sustained a fracture in a bone in his left foot, necessitating an “open reduction internal fixation” — a procedure in which the bone pieces are put back together and realigned, kept in place by a plate and screws until they heal.

“So right now he’s in a cast and we’re limiting how much weight he’s putting on it,” Triche said, adding that she believes that the group will design a stage set so that Rose will be able to perform.

Rose will have to limit the weight on the front part of his foot for about four weeks, Triche noted.

In addition to two shows in Las Vegas this weekend, the group is scheduled to perform at the Coachella festival this year, as well as a string of summer tour dates.